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Short & Sweet Kettlebell Sport Workout

One of the things I've always loved about kettlebells is how you can get an amazing workout in just a few minutes. Especially Kettlebell Sport training - I've never done anything else that comes close to the level of challenge of a 10 minute kettlebell set.

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Kettlebell Kings Follow Along Workout

In case you guys don't know, I am working with Kettlebell Kings on creating the Living.Fit platform. This platform has a giant database of kettlebell tutorials, created by me, that teach you how to lift kettlebells safely and effectively. In addition to the tutorials, there are tons of follow along workouts being added to the database!

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15 Minute AMRAP Kettlebell Workout

This kettlebell workout consists of 5 different parts. First, complete 5 minutes AMRAP of the kettlebell complex swing-clean-snatch-TGU (alternate hands each repetition). Second, do 4 minutes of two arm swings in a 15 seconds on, 15 seconds off format. Third, do 3 minutes AMRAP of single arm thrusters (alternate hands every 3 repetitions). Next, complete 2 minutes AMRAP of kettlebell burpees. Last, do as many repetitions of plank bird-dog as you can do in 1 minute with good form.

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