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KB Fit Britt is the #1 resource for Kettlebell Sport and was created to demystify Kettlebell Sport. This sport is for everyone; Britt set out to make kettlebells approachable. The KB Fit Britt approach is not centered on getting a flat tummy, being toned, or any other aesthetic – here, we focus on strengthening body and mind together as one. 

Why all the kettlebells? Kettlebells are one of the most efficient tools for full body workouts (plus, low risk of injury). You can use these weights in your home, on the beach, or even bring them on a road trip. Kettlebells can be used for sport and countless moves (think goblet squats, presses, suitcase deadlifts...the works). Now that is functional fitness! 


Kettlebell Sport Workshops

Want to learn the "secret" to lasting 10 minutes with a kettlebell? Learn all the skills you need...


Coaching Program

In person and online training programs, whether you are a beginner or experienced kettlebell lifter.


Kettlebell Sport Records


Brought to you by Brittany van Schravendijk, a professional level Kettlebell Sport athlete and NSCA-CSCS based in San Diego, CA. Brittany specializes in Kettlebell Sport coaching, functional fitness, handstands and sport specific training.


Looking for workout videos?

Look no further. KB Fit Britt has you covered with weekly kettlebell workouts!