Coaching Program

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I love working with people all over the world on Kettlebell Sport technique, handstands, kettlebells for fitness, total body mobility, and more! My online coaching program includes a personalized training plan tailored to your goals and direct access to me for questions, video feedback, technique tips, and more.



Here's what my clients have to say about my online coaching program...

After training on my own to enter my first competition, I realized I really needed a coach in order reach my training and competition goals.  Connecting with Brittany for online coaching has made a huge difference to my training and great improvements to my technique.  In my initial conversation with Brittany, she asked some great questions to help me work out some realistic short and longer term goals and also encouraged me to take a patient approach, focusing first on technique before worrying about bell weight.  The workouts have provided a great variety of elements that challenge me mentally or physically but are also achievable.  By recording and submitting each workout on video, I feel more accountable but also benefit from being to go back and watch my videos again, once I have feedback or suggestions from Brittany.  She has also provided me with videos that show me visually what subtle changes to improve my technique look like, which has worked really well as I can keep referring back to her videos too.  I’ve been training since June (3 months) and feel I have accomplished so much more with Brittany’s support than I did in my previous 6 months of training on my own.
— Diane L.
I have been a GS enthusiast for the last year, but my gym shut down about 6 months into any formal training I had received. I was searching for someone to help me, as I really wanted to compete. I heard about Brittany through social media, and I reached out to her for help. She was knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to reach. I would bombard her with questions, and she never hesitates to answer! The monthly plans Brittany provides are not just basic information - they truly are catered to helping you learn technique, form, and develop strength, with references and a personalized plan.

After an initial month in building up my strength with snatch, I requested help with technique. She diligently watched my terrible form, providing not only feedback but personalized videos with tips and technique to help me become better. Within a few short weeks, she was able to correct much of my form issues, leading me into a much stronger snatch technique. I am so excited to see how much further we can take my training!
— Anastasia K.
I had been doing kettlebells on my own and found I really struggled with the lack of routine and direction. I thought I would try working with Brittany to see if it would help me and I can honestly say I have been amazed by the difference it has made. Brittany has tailored my kettlebell plans perfectly and made adjustments whenever needed. I have improved in my technique, number of reps, endurance;  I could not be happier! She has been an invaluable resource and inspiration.
— Sean S.
I am happy you have added specific stretching exercises into my program. All of the exercises that you have included are really helping to mobilize my shoulders and targeting the right places. I can see how training technique without these extra strength and mobility routines could end up with strain injuries. In general, I would like to let you know that I am beyond happy with all the help you have given me so far! I haven’t told you (maybe because I think you hear it all the time, but that is not a good reason), but you are really, really good at what you do! I like solid people, who are dedicated and serious and expect people around them to be dedicated and serious too. And you are a role model in that regard. I just wish you had a gym here in Norway!
— Margrethe H.