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KB Fit Britt was created as a resource to demystify kettlebells and make lifting kettlebells approachable for everyone. Since then, KB Fit Britt has expanded into additional areas including handstands, mobility, gymnastic strength training, and more. The KB Fit Britt approach to movement and exercise is not centered around getting a flat tummy, being toned, or any other aesthetic – here, we focus on strengthening body and mind together as one. 

Why the kettlebells? Kettlebells are the most efficient tool for total body workouts that build strength and cardiovascular fitness simultaneously. Kettlebells can easily be used in your home, on the beach, or while traveling to get an amazing workout that strengthens body and mind.

Why the handstands? Movement should be FUN! Handstands are the way I express playfulness in movement. Plus they are great for shoulder stability, core strength, and body control. There is nothing as blissful as the extreme focus of holding a handstand; it’s living in the moment at its finest.

Why mobility? First and foremost, mobility mitigates injury risk so you can keep moving until you’re 100 years old! When you increase your flexibility and then learn to control it (i.e. mobility), you have an unlimited number of possibilities for movement - and you’ll feel amazing too.


Coaching Program

Personalized online training programs for kettlebell, handstand, and mobility training. Open to all levels.


Handstand Workshops

Learn the technique for a strong, straight handstand line that will not only allow you to balance longer, but will be the foundation for numerous advanced hand-balancing skills.


Kettlebell Sport Workshops

Want to learn the "secret" to lasting 10 minutes with a kettlebell? Learn all the skills you need...


Kettlebell Sport Records


Brought to you by Brittany van Schravendijk, a professional level Kettlebell Sport athlete and NSCA-CSCS based in San Diego, CA. Brittany specializes in Kettlebell Sport coaching, kettlebells for fitness, mobility, handstands and gymnastics strength training.


Looking for workout videos?

Look no further. KB Fit Britt has you covered with weekly kettlebell workouts!