200-Rep Snatch Challenge

The reason I love Kettlebell Sport so much is because it's continuously providing me with new goals that motivate me to train consistently and efficiently. I'm always racing to beat the clock, to hit that higher number of reps. While I realize not everyone is interested in competing with kettlebells, that doesn't mean you can't benefit from the same training modality and repetition-based motivation (provided you have a solid foundation of technique, of course).

Therefore, this week's training is a Kettlebell Sport-inspired repetition challenge: hit 200 reps of the kettlebell Snatch! To make this friendly to all levels of kettlebell enthusiasts, you can switch anytime you want and even set the kettlebell down. The goal is simply to complete the 200 reps as quickly as possible - with good technique and visible fixation.


When you've done the challenge, let me know your completion time by tagging me in your post!