32 Minute Kettlebell Tabata Workout

What is a "tabata"? It means 20s of work, 10s of rest x 8 sets = 4 minutes total.

Today's workout has 8 tabatas to complete. Saying it's a 32 minute workout isn't ENTIRELY accurate, since you'll probably want to take a few minutes of rest in between each tabata set. Trust me - you're going to need that rest! ;)

Here are the 8 movements you will complete your tabatas with:

  • Clean
  • Clean to front squat
  • Swing
  • Gunslinger
  • Plank row
  • Push up
  • Side lunge
  • Skater jump

If you don't have much time or the workout is too challenging as is, you can always condense down to 4 tabatas where you couple movements and alternate them (i.e. the first tabata would be 4 minutes where you alternate between clean and clean to front squat each set).