What I'm Grateful For at 24

It's my birthday - and you can bet there is kettlebell on the menu! I will be celebrating my birthday Brittany style with an in-house Kettlebell Sport competition at KOR Strength and Conditioning followed by a party with my teammates and friends!

At 24, I have many things to be grateful for: family, friends, great jobs, amazing opportunities, a beautiful place to live. Today, however, I would like to thank two very important mentors in my life thus far: Steven Khuong and Maya Garcia.

This picture is from my birthday & graduation party in 2013. Steve and Maya helped me through a difficult crossroads in my life and offered me a job and a place to call home after I graduated college.

These two have taught me so much about being a teacher, a coach, a fitness professional, and a kettlebell lifter - but most of all about the true meaning of life, success, and happiness.

I owe them so much of my success in Kettlebell Sport and coaching - I learned tons working at Ice Chamber Athletic Performance Training and I'll always be an ICKB girl at heart!

Thank you Steve and Maya.

What are YOU grateful for?