Are You Ready for 2015?

Life has been busy and exciting during these last couple months of 2014! Building up a client base and new programs takes time and lots of work, but I'm looking forward to where 2015 will take me.

I visited home AKA Ice Chamber over Thanksgiving week--sorry if I missed you, but I'll be there for the holiday party on Saturday!

My mom, sisters, and I got up early on Thanksgiving Day to run the Turkey Trot!

... which allowed us to indulge in some wonderful desserts later!

In San Diego, I subbed a couple classes at Dave's gym in Pacific Beach, Pacific Coast Kettlebells.

I went to a holiday fair in La Jolla to promote KOR.

I was part of a feature on Point Loma Sports Club in the December issue of Pacific Coast magazine.

I finally found a permanent place to live in Point Loma and it's got a great view!

I'm leading a Kettlebell Sport seminar with Dan Bettcher at KDA Crossfit on January 24 (only $75 if you sign up before January 1).

I'm launching another Eat Smart Restart on January 5! The program will provide you with motivation and guidance for two weeks of healthy eating. What's more important in the new year than your health?

And of course I've been kettlebelling, because that's what I do!

What are you planning to do in 2015 to be healthy and fit?