Can you tell what he's doing wrong? (Answer)

In my last post (If you missed it, check out the video above!), I challenged you to find the mistake Dan was making with his kettlebell snatch. While in general his technique is good (over 150 repetitions with 24kg), there are a couple adjustments he could make to save his grip and increase repetitions. Answer to what Dan was doing wrong: he was not keeping his hip up long enough on the drop before going into the backswing - causing a slight tug on his arm and hand. In other words, there was too much space between his arm and his body in the backswing. 

Secondarily, Dan is also pulling the kettlebell too early on the upswing. Instead of letting the bell float up to about belly button level before pulling the bell into the overhead position, he is pulling the bell out of the backswing (making for too straight of a trajectory on the way up). Since Dan has a lot of upper body strength, he is able to get away with this for the time being and still hit decent numbers. Once he's lifting the 32kg kettlebell, however, this will probably become an issue.

Here is the video of Dan working on fixing his mistakes after we analyzed the first video. Not every rep is perfect, but  notice how his arm folds more closely into his body and hip, making for a smoother drop.

Do you use slo mo video to analyze your technique? What are your favorite tools to use to improve your lifting?