Clean, Jerk, Row, Repeat Workout

I thought it'd be fun to incorporate the rower into a workout; it's such a great conditioning tool that has many parallels to Kettlebell Sport lifting. Both are cyclic exercises that work the entire body by building strength-endurance and cardiovascular fitness!

Today's workout is a descending ladder:

  • Clean & Jerk 30 reps
  • Row 500m Clean & Jerk 25 reps
  • Row 400m Clean & Jerk 20 reps
  • Row 300m Clean & Jerk 15 reps
  • Row 200m Clean & Jerk 10 reps
  • Row 100m

No rower? No problem! Substitute another form of cardio (i.e. running, biking, jump rope, AirDyne, etc) and go for time instead (2 min, 1.5 min, 1 min, 45 sec, 30 sec).