Doesn't everyone lift kettlebells during a tornado?


Over Memorial Day weekend 2015, I traveled to Austin, Texas to compete in the Texas Open Kettlebell Sport Championships. I left with a couple of bags and my lifting shoes, and came home with an Absolute Champion trophy, a new PR, a weightlifting belt, tons of new kettle-friends, more kettlebell knowledge, great memories, and the desire to go back and visit again soon!

First things first: Results! 

I got 85 repetitions in 24kg Snatch, and 86 repetitions in 16kg Long Cycle. I have no complaints about a PR in Long Cycle and the Absolute Champion trophy to boot!

Aaron and Jess from Texas Kettlebell Academy put on an amazing event, from the venue of the Dallas Nightclub to the professional set up to the high standards for quality lifting. There were talented competitors from all over, and even the great Sergei Rachinski was in the house!

As most of you probably already know, history was made at this event with Kim Fox and Chelsey Marr being the only two women to ever compete in 24kg Long Cycle (with two bells!). Kim Fox set a World Record of 38 reps, which is Keta-Academy Rank 2 for men. I wish I could have watched their set, but was excited to be up on the platform alongside them (lifting my puny 16kg bells).

Joyce Luke also deserves a mention - she broke her own 20kg National Record with a total of 154 reps. Definitely an inspiring lifter and I was glad to hang with her over the weekend!

Henry and Maritza put up some great performances as well, and ended up winning the "Best in Texas" awards.

The day after the event, I attended a workshop led by Sergei & Sergei, who put us through our paces and taught us some fun mobility drills.

I stayed a couple extra days to teach a Snatch workshop, after which a flood and some tornados (weather?! what's that? I'm from San Diego) kept us in the gym for a few extra hours... time which we put to good use with a 10-minute rack hold!

One of the coolest parts of the trip was doing a GPP workout directed by Sergei Rachinski... he killed us all but it was awesome sweating side by side with such a talented athlete and coach.

I love competitions because they motivate me like nothing else - it's so inspiring to be around a big group of people that share my passion and give me new ideas to implement in my training and coaching. I'm ready to start working super hard for Nationals!

What is your favorite part about Kettlebell Sport competitions? Where should I hold my next workshop?