Half Marathon Kettlebell Workout

A half marathon... with a kettlebell?!?

Yes, that's a thing. In case you missed it, I recently wrote a post on 6 ways to improve your cardiovascular fitness with kettlebells. One of the methods I listed is half-marathon or marathon sets, meaning a full 30 or 60 minutes of lifting without setting the kettlebell down. Sounds like fun, right?! ;)

I'm a firm believer that just like running a half marathon, completing a half marathon with a kettlebell is something everyone should do AT LEAST once in their life (coincidentally, I've completed both of them exactly once). While most of us probably won't do anything as crazy as setting a Guinness record for the kettlebell marathon, we can still have fun, challenge ourselves, and reap the cardio benefits from doing a long, steady state kettlebell set.

As you may have guessed, today's workout is to complete a kettlebell half marathon (30 minutes)!


Here are a few guidelines for the workout...

  • Choose from 1 of 3 lifts: swing, clean & jerk, or snatch (clean & jerk is the easiest as you can rest in rack; swing and snatch will fatigue your grip much more).
  • Complete 30 minutes of nonstop lifting (meaning you cannot set the kettlebell down until the end of the time).
  • Switch hands as many times as you like.
  • Pace yourself! It's a (half) marathon, not a sprint.
  • Have a chalk bucket nearby! I recommend VIKN chalk.
  • If you have never done more than a minute or two of kettlebell lifting at a time, I highly recommend you start with 10 or 20 minutes and work your way toward doing 30 minutes another time.
  • Have fun!!! Comment and let me know how you do.