Hard Core Kettlebell Workout

Ahh, the eternal fitness question: how do I get six pack abs? You've probably heard that kettlebell training is good for your core, and it's true. (FYI, your core is not just your abs - the core encompasses all of the muscles that stabilize your spine.)

Since you are training the entire body as one and requiring your core muscles to stabilize for you throughout, lifting kettlebells is a great way to train your core. I wouldn't say it's the ONLY thing you should do to train your core, however.

The muscles that stabilize the spine should ideally be trained in all different planes of movement (i.e. sagittal, frontal, and transverse), which means you should add rotational and lateral movements into your repertoire. Additionally, crawling exercises are crucial for core health, and can be practiced at any fitness level.

So will kettlebell training give you a six pack? I think you all know the answer to that question... abs are made in the kitchen. Your level of leanness (plus genetic factors) is the biggest factor in determining whether or not the rectus abdominis will be visible. However, I believe function is so much more important than aesthetics - and in terms of a functioning core, kettlebells are a great tool to help you get there! 

Try out today's "Hard Core Kettlebell Workout" and let me know what you think!