How to avoid getting a "NO COUNT" in kettlebell competition

Judging at a Kettlebell Sport competition is based on whether the athlete achieves “fixation” in the overhead position, meaning both the bell and the lifter freeze for a moment in time with all the joints locked out and in proper alignment. Additionally, the lifter must demonstrate knee lockout when the bells are in the rack position. A lifter may receive a “no count” if fixation or rack lockout are not achieved, or if any other technical fouls occur. The lifter will be told to stop their set after a certain number of no counts.

To recap, the following must be completed for each repetition to achieve fixation:

  • Entire body and kettlebell visibly stop moving in the overhead position.
  • Knees and elbows are  locked out.
  • Knees are straight in the rack position.
  • Joints are stacked to the best of the athlete's mobility (straight line from wrist to elbow to shoulder to hip to heel).

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