How to Avoid Hitting Your Forearm With the Kettlebell

We've all been there: banged up our wrists so bad that we couldn't lift the next day without pain.

One of the most common issues for people new to training with kettlebells - outside of hand tears - is being able to clean and snatch the kettlebell without slamming the bell onto their forearm. I remember being super proud of my forearm bruises when I first started lifting kettlebells; they were a battle scar, of sorts. That being said, continually bruising your forearms is not a great idea (for obvious reasons).

So enter my latest video, where I'll teach you exactly how to avoid hitting your forearm with the kettlebell! Whether you are in your first few months of kettlebell training and want to apply to this to your own lifting, or whether you have been lifting for years and want to improve your technique and get some new coaching cues, this video is for you.