How to motivate yourself to work harder


Over the past two weeks, I had the pleasure of hosting my kettle-friend Katarina Cmanovska at KOR Strength while she was visiting San Diego.

We did three training sessions together; a lot of double kettlebell work and some snatches too! I'm very grateful to Kat for all of her guidance and tips on lifting double bells, since she has been doing it for much longer than I have. She is an impressive lifter and had great wisdom to share with me. More than anything else, she motivated me to train super hard during our workouts! 


While I have a great team of athletes here in San Diego, they train during the classes I teach. Plus, my schedule can be all over the place. The point being: I usually train alone. While this allows me to be focused, if I had a training partner at all times I'd probably push myself harder during my test sets.

Most Kettlebell Sport athletes don't have a team to work with, much less a training partner. If you are part of a team, I highly encourage you to do team trainings and test sets. If you train alone but know someone who lifts kettlebells within a couple hours from you, set up some times when you can partner up for workouts. There is nothing like working with a teammate that pumps you up and motivates you to push those extra few repetitions!

Looking for a training partner or team in a particular area? Want to come down to San Diego and work out with me? Contact me at and I'll see what I can do to help.