I don't normally do this... but it was fun to play around with!

This is not a lift I train - but I had fun trying it!

Double half snatch is one of the events that sets Bolt kettlebell competitions apart from Girevoy Sport (GS) style kettlebell competitions. Besides incorporating the half snatch event, Bolt allows athletes to multi-switch and set the bell down at any time.

In my opinion, Bolt meets are a great way to introduce people to Kettlebell Sport - the atmosphere is casual, friendly, and FUN! As an experienced lifter, I love to go because it's totally different from competing in GS, but still a day full of awesome competitive kettlebelling.

I know there are people out there who don't think Bolt is as "hard" as GS, or that the double half snatch is not a "real" event... and I have to admit, at one time I was one of them (before I had ever attended a Bolt meet). However, after going to my first event, I changed my mind. Bolt is extremely challenging in a different way, and if there are people who want to do half snatch, why not include it?

I believe all the Kettlebell Sport organizations should support each other - that's the only way we are going to grow the sport. Getting a beginner lifter to do a GS meet is daunting, but starting them with a Bolt competition is an easy sell. I suggest you try one and see for yourself!

See the list of Bolt competitions for 2015 here.

Don't miss the October 10 Bolt competition at KOR Strength and Conditioning in San Diego!

Have you been to a Bolt kettlebell competition?