Internal Dialogue of an Elite Kettlebell Lifter


Kettlebell Sport is an endurance sport more than anything else - not just of the body, but of the mind. Lifters push through an immense amount of discomfort to get through the mental and physical battle of a 10 minute set."What were you thinking while you were lifting?" is a common question from spectators, and as an athlete you often wonder whether everyone else on the platform next to you is struggling as much as you are. This series of posts is a chance to get a glimpse into the mind of a wide variety of lifters of all nationalities while completing a 10 minute set - male, female, beginner, elite, Bolt style, Girevoy Sport style, etc.  - KB Fit Britt

My 10 minute set

# of the minute Good conditions So-so conditions or even worse
1 Ok, focus, nice and easy F….ck, that will be hard…
2 No rush, be smart an focus, each rep on time Breathe, be smart an focus, accurate and relax
3 Ok, two min pass, not bad Breathe, accurate and relax, take your time man
4 The 5th min will be soon, a half of the set soon… Ok, three min pass, still alive, and it’s not getting worse even, breathe, breathe…
5 Ok, that’s a 5th min, will I hit a 50% of the necessary numbers for this set? 5th min…ok…, a lot’s of work to do, f….ck
6 Breathe, be smart and focus, time to do the work… Breathe, accurate and relax
7 “D”(Denis it means))), you couldn’t lost any rep from the pace, accurate and relax, each rep on time Fells not bad! What if a little bit faster…
8 Almost there… the hardest minute actually, you can do it, breathe, accurate and relax, each rep on time Ok, just like that…
9 Ok, min #9, not bad, no rush, wait, wait, wait….. Ok, what if a little bit more…
10 aaa!!….GO!!!!!!!! Come on! At least one rep more that on the min #9

Denis Vasilev, Russia 5x World Champion in 32kg Long Cycle

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