Interview with top kettlebell lifter Aleksander Khvostov


Interview by Avery Wittkamp and translation by Amanda Wegner. Russian athlete Aleksandr Khovostov (33 years old) is one of the best male Kettlebell Sport lifters in the world, but he didn't start off with record-setting results.

1. When did you start training with kettlebells?

I started training at age 18 and after 2 months of training, I did 60 reps Jerk with the 24s. After another year more year of training, I completed 100 repetitions of Jerk with the 24s.

2. When did you start training with Professional Level weights?

Following the year I completed 100 reps with the 24s, I started to train with the 32 kg weights.

3. How often do you compete?

I have around 10 competitions per year.

4. What was your first Professional result with 32 kg?

I did 50 reps in Jerk and 27 reps (each hand) in Snatch.

Here is a video of Aleksandr competing in 2005:

5. What is your best result?

Now my best result in Jerk is 138 reps with the 32s. Progress was very slow!

(March of this year, 1st place at the Championship of Russian Army Jerk: 32+32/138/10m, Snatch: 32/184/10m, w/c to 73kg.)

Here is a video of Aleksandr competing in 2014 at the IUKL World Championships, completing 138 reps: