Build stability and flexibility with isometric drills

Kettlebell Sport is first and foremost an endurance sport, not a strength sport. Beginners often confuse the two and move up in weight too quickly, without realizing that it takes months for your joints, tendons, and ligaments to adapt to being under load for such a long period of time (compared to the few seconds spent under load in any other weightlifting sport). Unfortunately, this often leads to an overuse injury. Beginners can avoid overuse injuries and prep their joints and tissues more effectively by incorporating isometric drills into their training, i.e. overhead hold, rack hold, farmer walk. These drills will build stability and strength, as well as teach the lifter how to relax in the rest positions. 

As any experienced Kettlebell Sport lifters knows, relaxation is a major key to success. Relaxing means keeping the fingers relaxed around the bell handle in the backswing (no death grip), sinking the elbows to the iliac crest in the rack position, and packing shoulders and stacking joints in the overhead position. Besides becoming more flexible, incorporating isometric drills is another way lifters of all levels can enhance their ability to relax during long kettlebell sets. 

Isometric drill #1: Overhead hold (1 or 2 kettlebells)

1-3 minute hold x 2-3 sets Builds shoulder and core stability; helps relaxation in overhead position.

Isometric drill #2: Rack hold

1-5 minute hold x 1-3 sets Builds back and shoulder flexibility; helps relaxation in rack position.

Isometric drill #3: Farmer carry

1-5 minute hold x 1-3 sets Builds grip and shoulder strength and core stability; helps relaxation in the backswing.

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