"Nice Rack" is a Compliment and Here's Why

"Nice rack" is an acceptable compliment in my world - one in which kettlebells abound. 

Establishing a solid rack position with elbow to hip connection is a key element to learning proper Kettlebell Sport form.

If flexibility, mobility, or simply misinformation is preventing a correct rack position, there will be little to no transfer of momentum from your legs to your arms to the kettlebell - meaning your shoulder will do all the work when you jerk the kettlebell overhead. Additionally, rest will be hard to come by in a long set without elbow to hip connection.

Here I demonstrate proper positioning of the rack with a single bell, which is where the kettlebell lands in the clean and where the press, push press, and jerk all initiate:

  • The kettlebell rests in the V-position created by my shoulder, elbow, and wrist.
  • I'm holding the bell in the upper corner of the handle.
  • My hand is pushed all the way through the bell (left picture), filling up the entire space inside the handle.
  • Fingers are loose; hand is relaxed.
  • My elbow rests on my hip.

These five bullet points apply for double bells as well. Elbow to hip connection with double bells is even more difficult to obtain the flexibility for, and even more crucial to succeed in the sport. Guys, you may be strong, but not strong enough to push two 32kg kettlebells over your head for 10 minutes without a little rest! 

Questions about the rack position?

Want to know if you're holding the kettlebell correctly?

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