Reach Your Weight Loss Goals with Eat Smart Restart

While my 14-day Eat Smart Restart nutrition program does not focus on weight loss, my clients have been finding it's a nice side effect of eating smart. By eliminating processed foods and high levels of sugar intake, anywhere from 5-10 lbs of weight loss is possible over the two weeks of Eat Smart Restart.

“After completing the Eat Smart Restart program and following the food guidelines exactly, my energy levels increased and I even felt more energized while working out. My sugar cravings diminished and I lost 8 lbs from start to finish! I’m continuing to eat with the same guidelines even after the two weeks are up.”

- Lauren S.

“I’ve been suffering from unexplained high histamine levels for a few months which brought on uncontrollable all day and night itching if my arms. I was taking an over the counter antihistamine during the day, a prescription one at night, an antibiotic, as well as applying two prescription creams (one was a steroid). I was a mess! My general doctor and dermatologist both told me it had nothing to do with my diet. I disagreed but made no move to fix it; until I saw your tweet about the Eat Smart Restart program. I responded pretty quickly with “sign me up!” After just one week of clean eating, I eliminated all the antihistamine medication… all of it — in one week!!! After 2 weeks on the program, I feel great and I’ve lost 8 lbs to boot. You told me before I signed up “it is not a weight-loss program”. OK, but it sure was a nice unintended side-effect. Thank you for the support Brittany — the emails, the texts, the tweets, the Facebook posts. It’s a great program. It was exactly what I needed to get back on track.”

- Teri S.

“Eat Smart Restart” is an accessible and informative program! I found the guidelines clear and easy to follow even with my busy schedule. Digestive problems run in my family and my sensitive stomach is a problem I’ve learned to live with. During my two weeks with “Eat Smart Restart,” I felt energized without any bloating or other digestive issues that I typically experience. The guidelines were so manageable and I felt so good during the program that it motivated me to want to continue applying what I learned to my everyday lifestyle. I would definitely recommend this program!

- Kate F.

“My life has changed a lot over the last two weeks! There were times that were tough but overall I found the Eat Smart Restart to be a resounding personal success. I went from 203.4 pounds on November 30 to 192.1 on December 14. Over ten pounds and I never felt hungry during this program. I just ate good, real food when I was hungry. I found that I started feeling satisfied with smaller meals. I had more energy throughout the day and that’s without caffeine, as I stopped drinking coffee as well. No more post-lunch cubicle crashes. I became more productive at work and ended up finishing a project that I had doubts about for a little while. Now it’s on to the post-restart phase where I maintain this healthy eating lifestyle the best I can.”

- Dan B.

The next round of the Eat Smart Restart program starts on Monday, February 2. If you're ready to take control of your health, email me at to learn more about eating smart.