The #1 Thing You Can Do to Succeed (in Kettlebell Sport & life)

While doing my 24kg Snatch practice test for the California Open Kettlebell Sport Championships this week, I had a great set.

Did I hit a new record for repetitions? No.

Did I make a longer time than I usually do? No.

Did I feel extremely strong physically before starting? No; in fact I was sore and tired.

Did the set feel good? For the first time in months... Yes!

I decided to approach my set with a positive mindset. I told myself that the technique adjustments I made over the past couple weeks would help the bell feel lighter, and my set feel easier. I simply focused on being confident and encouraging to myself during the set. Each time the negative thoughts wanted to push through - telling me my grip was going to go or the bell was going to fall out of my hand - I pushed right back with "one more rep" and kept going.

All too often we beat ourselves up with negative self-talk.

I see it all the time with novice Kettlebell Sport lifters. People expect perfection from themselves during their first class. They shake their heads every time they have a bad rep. They get frustrated by their inability to master the technique immediately.

This can be applied to anything in your life. Yes, we all want to succeed and be good at things, but why are we so hard on ourselves? Why hold expectations for perfection? Why not be kind, patient, and gentle with ourselves?

Your brain is powerful, and whatever stories are in there determine your reality. 

What you think, you are. 

The more positive thoughts you can put in your head, the more they will manifest into your every day life. This is by no means an easy task - I have to train myself every day to push aside the pessimism that comes to the surface about myself and the world around me.

The best thing you can do to succeed in Kettlebell Sport - and in life, really - is to train yourself to adopt a more positive mindset. Like anything else, you have to make it a habit to be positive toward yourself. You have to work at it every day. Whether your repetitions will go up, I can't say - but I can guarantee your life will improve.

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