The Best Fitness Hack: Hiring a Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer who observes the inner workings of several gyms on a daily basis, it boggles my mind how reluctant people are to spend money on their fitness. People will spend exorbitant amounts of money on alcohol, fancy restaurants, giant TV’s, diet gimmicks, and Christmas gifts--but they can’t afford a couple hundred per month to optimize the most important thing they have: their health? The truth is, if you don’t have your health, none of the other stuff I mentioned above really matters, does it? No one can argue with that. Besides the obvious reason that health should be everyone’s priority, here are a few less pronounced reasons why hiring a personal trainer is the best fitness hack.

Avoid fitness plateaus. 90% of the people who join gyms stop going after 90 days, which is why the big chain gyms try to hook you into a multiple-year contract right off the bat. These initially motivated gym-goers either run out of steam (getting fit is tough!) or hit a plateau doing the usual 30 minutes of cardio plus an hour of random machine weightlifting. A trainer knows how to keep your body constantly challenged, which is the key to pushing past plateaus, and will keep you motivated even when the going gets tough. A trainer can give you a better, more efficient workout in 30 minutes that will save you time and get faster results.

Your success is a reflection of theirs. Your weight loss or fitness success is a direct reflection of how well your trainer is able to get results, and thus they have a high motivating factor to get you to your goals. Think about it -- the best advertising tool for a personal trainer is testimonials from successful clients. While it’s likely your personal trainer cares about you as a person, everyone is inclined to look out for their own best interests, and in this case it’s a win-win.

Time is money. Using a trainer is just pooling your resources--they bring a level of knowledge and expertise to your workout that it would take you years to learn on your own. Everyone’s life is busy, and having a personal trainer is the best way to get in and out of the gym quick. By paying a personal trainer to fast-track your fitness, you are exchanging your money for an injury-free, challenging, fun workout routine that will actually get results and outsource much of the stress of losing weight to someone else. The time you save fumbling around the gym without a specific plan can now be spent enjoying a happier, healthier life with family and friends.

By investing in a personal trainer, you are investing in your future. In the United States, we live in a society of medicine when we should be living in a society of prevention. If there was a law that said everyone must exercise and eat healthy every single day, most of the health epidemics or problems rampant in our country would not exist. Concerned about skyrocketing healthcare costs? Hiring a trainer is a surefire way to prevent the extensive health care costs that result from a medicine-will-fix-it mindset of living.

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