USA Nationals - Here I Come


I just registered for the USA Nationals in Chicago - it's time for me to step up and earn my ticket to Dublin. I know I will have some tough competition, but I'm glad - it means I will need to push myself to my limits in training for a chance to win gold in August!

Last year's nationals was pretty special for me, as I earned my first Master of Sport title in 24kg Long Cycle, tying with Melissa Swanson for first place. I didn't feel ready to compete in Snatch at the Professional level, however, so I opted to lift the 20kg instead. This year will be a whole different ball game. I'm stepping up to the platform as a Professional, hoping to represent the USA in Ireland.

I'm extremely excited to see how many lifters will be at this competition, as it will be a mark of the sport's growth over the past year.

Are you going to USA Nationals 2015? How have you seen Kettlebell Sport grow over the past year?