Short & Sweet Kettlebell Sport Workout

One of the things I've always loved about kettlebells is how you can get an amazing workout in just a few minutes. Especially Kettlebell Sport training - I've never done anything else that comes close to the level of challenge of a 10 minute kettlebell set. I love the efficiency too: strength and endurance all in one training method. Talk about bang for your buck! 

Don't worry, today's workout ISN'T a 10 minute set. Instead, it's a short but sweet Sport workout comprised of several Clean & jerk and Snatch sets. ;) 

Clean & jerk 1 minute per side
Snatch 2 minutes per side
Clean & jerk 1 minute per side

Feel free to take several minutes of rest in between sets if you want to go heavier, or go light and take minimal rest between sets!