Unconventional Kettlebell Workout

Let's introduce a few unconventional kettlebell movement you might not have tried before...

1) Rotational clean: An advanced variation of the clean, this movement will challenge your coordination as you have to create rotation through the frontal plane of movement.

2) Sots press: This press variation is arguably one of the most challenging variations, as it demands a lot of ankle, hip, and thoracic mobility. 

3) Figure 8 squat: A fun combination between a squat and a swing! 

PLUS a bonus push up variation and core work. 

Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes:
Rotational clean 5 reps per side
Sots press 5 reps per side (alternating)
Figure 8 squat 5 reps per side (alternating)
Push up kick through 3 reps per side
Tuck in 10 reps