Holiday Hardstyle Pentathlon Challenge Event 5: 100-Rep Swing Ladder for Max Volume

Event 5: 100-Rep Swing Ladder (Max Volume in 3 Minutes)

Event 5 of the Holiday Hardstyle Pentathlon Challenge is a 100-Rep Swing Ladder! Complete the highest amount of volume (weight x reps) in 3 minutes with a max of 100 reps. You can strategize to lift more reps with lighter weight or less reps with heavier weight to maximize volume. The bell must pass hip height on every swing.

Score = Volume / Bodyweight 

e.g. If you hit 50 reps with 48kg, 30 reps with 32kg, and 20 reps with 24kg and you weight 95kg, score = ((50 x 48kg) + (30 x 32kg) + (20 x 24kg))/95kg = 40.4.

This score will then be compared to the scores of other lifters, and you will get a number of points that will be determined by the number of competitors. For example, if 80 people participated and you got the top score, you will receive 80 points. If you placed second, you will receive 79 points... etc. At the end of the challenge, your points from all 5 events will be added together to give you an overall number of points, which will be used to determine the Ultimate Hardstyle Athletes, who are the grand prize winners. 

To submit your score: Complete the challenge and post a video on Instagram or Facebook along with your bodyweight and the number of repetitions you completed with each kettlebell weight in your ladder, then tag me @kbfitbritt in your post. You can attempt as many times as you like during the week, but once you submit your attempt by tagging me, that is the score I will record. I will only accept scores that are submitted before the release of the next challenge (December 31 - 11:59pm on January 6).

There will be one male and one female GRAND PRIZE winner, who will be crowned the Ultimate Hardstyle Athletes of my holiday challenge. Grand prize winners will receive a kettlebell of their choice from Kettlebell Kings, goodies from VIKN Performance, and a personal training session with me (online or in person)! You MUST be subscribed to my mailing list to win - so your chances of winning are already higher if you're receiving this email. ;) 

The Ultimate Hardstyle Athletes & grand prize winners will be announced next week!! Good luck!