KAPOW Kettlebell Workout

What I was trying to capture with the title of "KAPOW" is that feeling you get when you perfectly target your muscles in a workout so that you are already feeling them a few hours later - in a good way! 

While we often focus on moving as quickly as possible through a workout, that is not the intention of today's training. For this workout, I'd like you to take your time between exercises and sets to allow your body to recover before moving onto the next. The purpose here is to build strength, and that requires you to allow your muscles time to rest so that you can use a progressively heavier weight each set. 

For the workout, complete 8-6-4-2 reps per side of the power clean, push press, overhead squat, curtsy lunge, and suitcase row. Rest as needed between sets and exercises so you can increase kettlebell weight each round.