3 Core Stabilization Drills

I have a flexible lower back, and when I snatch a kettlebell I tend to round my lower back. No matter what I do and how hard I have tried to fix it over the past couple years, nothing has worked... yet. Ms. KOR aka Kristen suggested I focus on core stabilization, so I am going to incorporate a few drills every day in the hopes this will cue my core to work harder when I snatch...

Whether or not you have a similar issue, adding these drills into your routine is a great way to increase core strength and stability!

1. Hanging L-raise (bottom right hand corner of video): Tuck pelvis forward to engage the stomach muscles, then lift legs to hip level and slowly back down. Legs should be straight. I'm not a perfect example as my knees are slightly bent (this is a challenging drill for me!).

2. Hollow hold tuck in (top half of the video): Start with knees over hips and arms to the side, shoulder blades lifted off the floor. While keeping the lower back pressed flat to the ground, lift arms up next to the ears and simultaneously straighten the legs.

3. Pallof press (bottom left hand corner of video): Attach a resistance band to something sturdy. Walk out far enough so there is adequate tension in the band. While standing lateral to the anchor point, press the band out in front of the chest, then slowly return to starting position.

Do you incorporate core stabilization drills into your workout routine?