3 Life-Changing Takeaways from Traveling

I've had some amazing adventures over the past month:  IMG_2923

I taught three workshops at BDHQ and explored Victoria with my awesome friends Christine and Mike.


After coaching my friends at Like-Minded Jiu Jitsu, I traveled to the Grand Canyon and even lifted a 16kg kettlebell at the top!


Following my 3-day kettlebell intensive at Ridgeline Fitness in Colorado, I camped in a tipi and sat in the Orvis hot springs during a snowstorm.

While it may not have been the BEST thing for my training for the Kettlebell Sport World Championships to travel the three weekends leading up to the competition, I just couldn't pass up the amazing opportunities I got to travel and explore the world!

Here are my takeaways from the past month that may resonate with you... 

1. Don't take yourself too seriously. I could pass on invitations just to stick to a perfect training regimen - but life moves too quickly to say no to opportunities that come your way. I'm not getting paid to compete in kettlebell, and even if I was, no ONE thing should rule your life and keep you from adventure.

2. Make time pass more slowly by experiencing new things. The most important takeaway I get from traveling is it's the easiest way for me to really live in the moment. When I'm away from my daily routine, I experience little to no stress and focus on making each day of my trip as fun as possible. All the new places and experiences I come across make every day more meaningful and yes, last longer (check out this blog post about how new experiences make our lives seem longer).

3. Friends are the most important form of capital. What is life without friends to experience it with? While I'm compensated to teach workshops at the places I travel to, the friends I make and the relationships I strengthen are the most important capital I earn on the trip. Who am I as a coach without students to vouch for me? Where would I be without the people that have made opportunities possible for me? What is life without people to enrich the time we spend on Earth?

Do you travel often? What are your biggest takeaways from experiencing new places? 

For details on KB Fit Britt's 2016 travel schedule, email info@kbfitbritt.com.