My Kettlebell Transformation


Summer 2011: I had just finished my sophomore year at UC Berkeley. I was doing some strength training on my own, but mostly doing tons of long distance runs (6-10 miles 3-4 times per week) just to burn calories. While I was pretty fit, I missed being a competitor on a team and felt frustrated and bored with my workouts.

Winter 2012: Learning to lift kettlebells competitively at Ice Chamber totally reinvigorated my training. In addition to lifting kettlebells 3-4x per week, I was doing regular strength training and only running occasionally. This photoshoot occurred soon after my first Kettlebell Sport competition.

Since 2011, I have trained almost exclusively for Kettlebell Sport (with a couple of short breaks). Having specific goals and competitions to train for motivates me so much more than just "working out". I would estimate I lost about 5% body fat and gained at least 5lb of muscle during the first couple years of training.

Kettlebell Sport is not the only way to get fit, but it worked for me! The main message I want you to take away from my transformation is that if you follow a training program with specific goals that motivate you to work hard, you are much more likely to get the results you want than if you drag yourself to the gym just to get a workout you hate over with.

Find something you enjoy - tennis, walking, powerlifting, gymnastics, rollerblading, circuit training... - and stick with it! Set some goals, and work towards them every day (whether it's training, practicing, eating right, sleeping well, etc).

Have you had a "transformation" (mental or physical) through finding a form of exercise you love? Share in the comments!