4-Week Kettlebell Sport Training Programs


This has been a long time coming: I've created a series of 4-week Kettlebell Sport training programs! So many of you have asked me for programming but can't afford to do my online coaching, which I totally understand (it's a big commitment). The programs do not include technique instruction (stay tuned for a more in-depth program coming later this year), but are perfect if you already know the technique and just want a specific program geared toward a particular Kettlebell Sport lift.

My 4-Week Kettlebell Sport Training programs include:

  • Information I've developed from years of experience as a Professional Kettlebell Sport lifter, international kettlebell coach, and personal trainer.
  • 3x per week training program that will get you to 10 minutes in whatever lift you want to focus on (Jerk, Snatch, Biathlon, Long Cycle, or One Arm Long Cycle).
  • Warm up and accessory exercises for sport-specific strength and mobility.

You can view all of the programs here.