Mini Pentathlon Kettlebell Workout

If you're not familiar with the Pentathlon, it was created back in the day by Kettlebell Sport OG Valery Federenko. The Pentathlon is made up of 5 single-arm exercises: Clean, Clean & Press, Jerk, Half Snatch, and Push Press. Your goal is to find your maximum number of repetitions in a 6 minute set of each exercise, with a 5 minute recovery period between each set. However, there is a repetition maximum (which is different for each lift). You can choose any weight you like for the lifts, and the weight can vary between lifts. You can switch hands as many times as you like, but you cannot set the kettlebell down.

For more specific details on the Pentathlon, read this blog article.

I competed in my first and only Pentathlon event in Aberdeen, Scotland in 2015 with my friend Abigail Johnston. It was a lot of fun, and a nice variation from the typical kettlebell competition. Every once in a while I like to throw it at my students and see how they do. Since the Pentathlon can be quite a long workout, I created an abbreviated version for you in today's training!

Give it a try and comment on the video with your score.