5 Guidelines for Beginner Kettlebell Sport Programming

  1. Stick to 8-12kg kettlebells until you master the technique. Work on increasing TIME first, REPETITIONS second, WEIGHT last.
  2. Watch yourself in a mirror or on video to ensure lockout, fixation, joint stacking, and proper biomechanics (see my post on Kettlebell Sport terminology).
  3. Start with 1 minute on each side (or 2 minutes for doubles), then move to 2 minutes, 3 minutes, etc. until you can make 10 minutes.
  4. Hit the following benchmark numbers for a 10-minute set before moving up in weight:
  • Long Cycle (one bell): 110-120 repetitions
  • Long Cycle (two bells): 60-80 repetitions
  • Jerks (one bell): 140-160 repetitions
  • Jerks (two bells): 100-120 repetitions
  • Snatch: 180-200 repetitions

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