I'm doing this for YOU...


Happy Friday! This weekend I'm heading to Like Minded Jiu-Jitsu in Phoenix, Arizona to teach a Kettlebell Sport workshop. I'm super excited to say the least! Kettlebell Sport is growing in the United States, you can be sure of that, but its still not a household name. Much of the sport’s growth has come through social media, especially Facebook, which allows lifters from all over the world to share their training and ask others for help. This type of connection is invaluable to those who train Kettlebell Sport on their own, with literally no one else that can help them for miles around...

It’s extremely tough to coach someone in Kettlebell Sport from afar. I recently decided that I don’t want to start an online coaching program, because I don’t feel I would enjoy that style of coaching. I enjoy giving visual, tactile, and auditory feedback – all in one training session. I want to be able to analyze the lifter from all angles, by being able to walk around and assess their overall movement patterns. I want my athletes to be able to implement feedback immediately, so they can feel secure in knowing they have corrected their technique appropriately.

That being said, I do want to help lifters who don’t have access to a real, live coach. That’s why I started posting tutorials, videos, and tips on KB Fit Britt. Instead of attempting to help one lifter at a time through online coaching, my hope is I can reach more people and bring lifters together by posting about relevant issues and commonalities.

But wait – I need your help! Your feedback is crucial to making my site effective. Let me know in the comments if there are any topics you want to learn more about, information you want easy access to, or any issues that you struggle with.

This site is for YOU, the lifter, and I want to cater to your wants and needs.

For those of you that have been following me for the past few months, THANK YOU! I really appreciate all of your interest, comments, feedback, and advice. Keep ‘em coming and let’s continue to spread our love for kettlebells!!