5 Reasons to Love Group Fitness

Today was my first official day teaching at Pacific Coast Kettlebells. I had 5 lovely ladies attend (one is missing from the picture) and they kicked butt working out and slinging kettlebells! I thought I'd take this opportunity to highlight 5 reasons to love group fitness.

  1. Motivation. The best part of working out in a group is the energy each person brings to the room. When you are feeling tired or demotivated, another person's energy can really give you a push!
  2. Accountability. Most of life is just showing up, and this rings especially true when it comes to fitness. You are what you do consistently, and having friends (or a friendly instructor) in the class will make you more likely to show up.
  3. Variety. Instructors may vary the class depending on size and who shows up,  and variety keeps your muscles confused and your body working hard!
  4. Workout outsourcing. People have busy lives as it is, and few have extra time to spend figuring out what to do at the gym. When you attend a group fitness class, let the fitness professional think for you -- all you have to do is listen and execute.
  5. FUN. So many people get stuck in a rut when it comes to working out and only continue because they "have to". Exercising should be fun, and that's the goal of a group fitness class!
  6. Come see me at Pacific Coast Kettlebells on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 9:30 AM.