All-American Championship at Las Vegas - Results!

This past weekend marked my first time competing at the All-American Kettlebell Sport Championship at Mr. Olympia, and my first trip to Las Vegas! While you would probably have to pay me to ever go back to Las Vegas again (I'm not a nightlife person), I had fun slinging bells, bonding with my teammates, connecting with kettle-friends, and exploring the craziness of the expo. The competition pool was much smaller than in previous years, but KOR was well-represented with 7 athletes.

Here are our results: 

Dan B. - 20kg Biathlon - 211 total (116 jerk, 190 snatch)

Lauren S. - 16kg Snatch - 128 reps

Kristen K. - 16kg Snatch - 190 reps

Brittany V. - 20kg Snatch - 138 reps

Justin J. - 16kg Long Cycle - 37 reps

Dustin O. - 16kg Long Cycle - 75 reps

Emily K. - 20kg Long Cycle - 99 reps