Announcement from AKA President Yuri Petunovs


Thank you, Brittany, for giving me an opportunity to use your blog to describe the AKA's Vintage Strength events. Please also accept my congratulations on your North American TALC 16kg record! That seems very appropriate for this post! In response to demand, the American Kettlebell Alliance (AKA) has created a competition category called “Vintage Strength,” which you will see at upcoming local and regional events. Vintage Strength is intended to provide an opportunity, at the host’s discretion, to contest events that are NOT officially sanctioned today by the IUKL/AKA. These events might be 5 minute events, TALC for women (or TA Biathlon), OALC for men, chair press, Turkish getup etc.

Vintage Strength might also include creative relays, combination lift events, or charitable endeavors. The intention is to enable the competition host to decide, based on his or her lifting population, what events should be included. For example, the regional level IKSFA/AKA Q Kettlebell Holiday Event (December 12/13, 2015) will include TALC for women contested with all bell weights, and OALC for men, contested with 24kg, 28kg and 32kg.

I’d also like to add that Veteran categories (50+) are expanded for 2016: Women veterans will be able to compete in 12kg Snatch, Long Cycle and Biathlon. Male veterans will be able to compete in 16kg Snatch, Long Cycle, and Biathlon. This will create a veteran category for ALL AKA contested lifts.

It is our hope that, by making Vintage Strength a part of regular AKA competitions, there will be something for everyone who enjoys lifting kettlebells. And the sport will continue its explosive growth in North America.

Yuri Petunovs is the President of the American Kettlebell Alliance and IUKL Vice President for the Americas.