Attitude is everything


When approaching any situation in life, your attitude dictates the outcome. If you believe you will fail, you will. If you believe you will succeed, nothing can stop you. I firmly believe that happiness and success come to those that decide to be happy and successful - choosing to be positive and take what life throws at you as a challenge rather than a burden makes all the difference. 

The same is absolutely true for training in Kettlebell Sport. The success of your 10-minute kettlebell set depends so much more on your positive attitude than on your physical fitness. I've had days where I felt terribly sore and tired physically, yet was so determined to get to my goal that I set a new personal best.

The power of a positive attitude is what I think of when I look back on the workshop I taught at Surf City Fit Club in Huntington Beach on Sunday, June 7. All the ladies (and Josh) had an amazing attitude about learning new techniques. There was no frustration or negative energy; only a group of people determined to learn a new skill.

As anyone who has learned kettlebell knows, picking up the technique necessary for endurance lifting is no easy feat. This crew was the most enthusiastic group of people I have taught so far! They smiled the whole time, and kept me busy with a stream of questions and requests for help to ensure they were doing the lifts right.

I was excited that Shermayne drove from Long Beach to attend my workshop as well - she is a student of Jason Dolby and a great Long Cycler!

Do YOU believe in the power of a positive attitude?