Student beats teacher = coaching success

Kristen beat me in 16kg Snatch today at the Bolt California State Championships!!

As a coach, it's a proud (and humbling) moment when your student steps up and outperforms you. Good thing she is not snatching the 24kg bell just yet, or I would really be in trouble...

The rest of Team KOR put up some great numbers at this competition as well.

We took gold in the medley relay out of five teams - Ram, Alan, Vanessa, and Kristen did some fierce work on the platform and were rewarded with some shiny bling!

Kristen K. aka the Viking Princess 92 reps 2x16kg Jerk 207 reps 16kg Snatch

Emily B. aka Whiskey in a Teacup 86 reps 24kg OALC

Alan C. aka Most Likely to Miss the Warm Up 76 reps 2x18kg Long Cycle 178 reps 12kg Snatch

Justin J. aka JJ 79 reps 2x12kg Long Cycle 118 reps 16kg OALC

Vanessa B. aka Chu Chu 131 reps 22kg OAJ

Ram G. aka Mr. Calm & Cool 121 reps 2x12kg Long Cycle 218 reps 12kg Snatch

Lauren S. aka Lolo 176 reps 16kg Snatch 119 reps 14kg Long Cycle

Brittany van Schravendijk aka KB Fit Britt  128 reps 2x16kg Jerk 90 reps 2x16kg Long Cycle 203 reps 16kg Snatch

Wondering about Dan Bettcher aka Big Booty Bettcher? Dan was the head judge for the competition, as he is currently recuperating from an injury. Watch for his return to the platform at Bolt Nationals.

Shoutout to Michael LoBue and Eric Doyle for putting on another great event - Team KOR will be back in bigger numbers for the Bolt Nationals on July 25!

Don't forget about the Kettlebell Sport workshop at KOR Strength next Saturday, June 13 in North Park, San Diego - hosted by yours truly! Sign up here