"But it's so much harder for ME than everyone else..."


"But it's so much harder for ME than everyone else... None of the other girls struggle as much with their weak side as I do!"

That's what I told my coach Steven several months into training for my first Kettlebell Sport competition. As a seasoned coach who has heard it all, he merely laughed at my naiveté and said, "Welcome to the club."

When I started a consistent training program for kettlebell lifting, I was surprised and frustrated with how far behind my left (weaker) side was, especially in Snatch. On any given day, I could (and probably still can, depending on bell size) do 30-50 more repetitions on my right side than my left.

At the risk of sounding egotistical, most athletic skills have come easily to me throughout my life. With Kettlebell Sport, this was SO not the case. Man did I struggle - and especially on my left side! I became extremely frustrated with my left side's ineptitude, and concluded that I must be the only person on earth that sucked as much as I did.

After the conversation with coach Steven where I expressed my frustrations out loud, I quickly realized I was definitely NOT the only one struggling with imbalances in my lifting. My Ice Chamber teammates each had their own individual challenges during a kettlebell set - if not a disproportionate amount of repetitions between their two sides, it was a struggle to stay strong to the finish or a lack of breathing throughout the set.

Sometimes all we need to put our own issues into perspective is to realize that everyone has them. Whether in Kettlebell Sport lifting or in life, you are never alone in your struggle. Nor is there anything wrong with experiencing that struggle, as chances are you will come out wiser and stronger when you work to overcome it.

So, if you are struggling with some issues, Kettlebell Sport-wise or other... "Welcome to the club!" 

Is your weaker side far behind your stronger side when you lift kettlebells?  What are you struggling with?