Death by Squats Kettlebell Workout

WARNING: This workout will get your legs very, very sore!

Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM) you will do goblet squats with a kettlebell 25% of your bodyweight. Start with 3 reps at the top of the first minute and add 3 reps every round (i.e. 3, 6, 9, 12... and so on). Keep going until you reach failure OR you cannot complete the required amount of repetitions within the minute.

Use the number of squats you got up to and complete that same number of repetitions of the following 7 exercises: H2H swing, uneven push up, bent row, glute bridge, sit up, bicep curl, and tricep extension. For the H2H swing, push up, and bent row, you do not need to complete the number of repetitions on EACH SIDE, just a total. For example, if you failed at 30 goblet squats, you need to complete 30 push ups total (not 30 per side). If possible, use the same kettlebell weight as you used for your goblet squats.


I used an 18kg bell and got to 30 squats. I completed the workout in 24 minutes. Did you beat me? Comment below and gloat about it!