Everyone PRs in Texas!


I had the pleasure of attending the Texas Open Kettlebell Sport Championships for the second year in row, and it did not disappoint. The event was unique; intimate and incredibly supportive, no music, and Gada Sport and kettlebell marathon sets after the traditional lifts. It's amazing to see the growth of Kettlebell Sport over the last two years - the professionalism of events has grown tremendously and vastly improved the lifters' experience! Big thanks to Aaron Vyvial and Jessica Gorman for their hard work organizing the competition and growing Kettlebell Sport in the U.S. I'm a super proud coach after this weekend - two CMS rankings along with a slew of solid results and PRs from our #teamkor members.

Lolo - 16kg Snatch 183 reps (CMS) and 16kg Long Cycle 52 reps

Emily - 16kg Long Cycle 79 reps (CMS)

Gary - 24kg Biathlon 90 Jerk + 167 Snatch and 16kg Long Cycle 107 reps

Marian - 12kg Snatch 192 reps and 12kg Long Cycle 102 reps

Brianne - 12kg Long Cycle 105 reps

JJ - 16kg Long Cycle 69 reps

Dave - 20kg Snatch 153 and 20kg Long Cycle 52 reps

Dan - 20kg Biathlon 105 Jerk + 198 Snatch and 20kg Long Cycle 65 reps


I'm very happy with my own results as well. I set two new personal bests - 16kg Snatch 226 reps and 20kg Long Cycle 79 reps (new world record in the 68kg weight class). I won best overall female for Snatch and Long Cycle. 

Here are a few more highlights from my trip to Austin:

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