KB Fit Britt Warm Up Routine

Last week I realized that I don't incorporate warm ups into the weekly workout videos I make - I'm just assuming you're doing a warm up before you attempt the workout. However, one should never assume, so I decided to make a video exemplifying the type of warm up I usually do before I begin my kettlebell training.

An effective, well-balanced warm up should:

  • Raise your core temperature
  • Drill the movements you are going to do in the workout at a lower speed, difficulty level, or resistance
  • Include skill work that requires consistent practice and/or mental focus
  • Limber up your muscles, ligaments, and joints to prepare them to stretch and contract
  • Incorporate different planes of movement i.e. frontal, sagittal, transverse

What's your favorite warm up routine? Hit reply - I'd love to hear from you.