Kettlebell Flow Workout

One of the selling points for training with kettlebells is being able to segue from one movement to another with ease and comfort. I call this series of fluid movements a "kettlebell flow". I like to think of a kettlebell flow as a more creative version of a kettlebell complex. You might have seen this series of flows on my social media accounts a couple weeks ago; I decided to put the videos together into one for this week's workout! If you already tried the flows, this is a great opportunity to practice them again or increase the kettlebell weight (or go for 4-5 rounds instead of 3!).

To make flowing feel EVEN better, perform this workout outside in your yard, at the park, at the beach, or anywhere else you can enjoy some fresh air while getting your lungs pumping. I've noticed that my mood improves significantly anytime I spend some time outdoors, and I suspect this to be true for most people.

I hope this workout will inspire you to come up with your own kettlebell flows in the future. Let me know if you think of any good ones and want to share - I love to hear from you! :)