Kettlebell Sport is growing in Georgia!


I just returned from a short but sweet trip to Georgia. I taught a Kettlebell Sport workshop at CrossFit Sweetwater in Douglasville, where I got to meet a group of my Facebook kettle-friends in person! My fellow Team USA member Teri even drove up from Sarasota, Florida to lift with us. 

We covered all the basic technique for single and double kettlebell lifts, proper fixation, sport-specific mobility, breathing pattern, programming, and weight progression.

Here is Jenn demonstrating some excellent double kettlebell cleans:

Following the workshop, a group of us stayed to complete the 1 Hour Long Cycle event hosted by Kettlebells 4 Autism. I decided to lift a 20kg kettlebell - switching every minute for 50 minutes, and finishing with a 10 minute set with 1 switch (Thanks Teri for doing it with me!).

Geoff and his wife Savim (two of my lovely hosts) then hosted a BBQ get together at their beautiful Southern stye home, where we continued gabbing about our shared obsession with kettlebells.

I'm very excited to see the Georgia Kettlebell Sport Club grow, and look forward to seeing the results of my workshop attendees next month at the AKA Georgia Open! I'm so happy I can provide some guidance to fellow lifters, even if just by spreading my enthusiasm for the bells. I'm grateful to my host Jenn Casey for graciously taking me into her home and organizing the workshop. If you're in Georgia and interested in kettlebells, she is your go to!

Before heading back to sunny San Diego on Sunday, I stopped by Extreme Performance Training Systems to see my good friend and powerlifting expert Scott Shetler. (Georgia was way too cold for me... frost warnings?! One year in San Diego and I am already spoiled.)

I last saw Scott at a Kettlebell Sport competition in Sarasota, Florida in April 2013, and he had a big influence on my decision to eat less meat and more plant-based meals. Scott is vegan and has written several books, along with one of my favorite artists

Scott watched me back squat a few reps and was able to identify a few crucial mistakes I was making, including lack of  engagement in my upper back and keeping my hips too far behind me while standing up. I have been struggling with my back squat the past couple years, and Scott's corrections made a huge difference immediately. Squatting 185 lbs felt pretty good, a weight I haven't lifted for a LONG TIME. (Scott is a wealth of knowledge. If you're interested in scheduling a powerlifting seminar with him, shoot him an email at

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend full of kettlebells and growing my social network. It's crazy how much smaller the world feels when you make friends all over. Can't wait for my next workshops in Victoria, Phoenix, Grand Junction, and Rotterdam!

I'm already setting up my 2016 schedule of workshops, so email me at to set one up in your area.