Techniques and training methods shouldn't be a "secret"


I love teaching people what I know about Kettlebell Sport. I've only been doing the sport for four years, so like everyone else I am still learning. What I know is probably just a small portion of the knowledge that more experienced coaches (who have spent their lives in the sport) have.

But I have a lot to share with you!I have spent the last four years obsessed with kettlebells and traveling to compete and teach in various states and countries. I love to coach, and my background in Physics and engineering helps me understand and explore the nuances of technical efficiency that the kettlebell lifts require.

There's not a lot of knowledge on the internet or even in most gyms about the proper technique and training methods for Kettlebell Sport... I'm not sure why. I don't think general techniques or training methods should be a "secret". I believe that your success is my success. That's why I write posts and make videos - to provide a wealth of useful Kettlebell Sport information on the internet.

One of my ambitions is to spread my passion for the sport all over the world - to see more people grow confident in their abilities and push themselves to do things they never thought they could do.

On Sunday I had the opportunity to do just that with the six lifters  that attended the workshop I taught alongside my co-worker and fellow lifter Dan Bettcher, and the first male American Master of Sport Marty Farrell.

You might be wondering... why attend a workshop the information is already posted on this blog and on YouTube?

Well, because it's nearly impossible for someone to become technically proficient at the Kettlebell Sport lifts by just reading an article or watching a video. The information is free, but do you know how to apply it? You need to have an experienced coach with a good eye watch you, correct you, and help you FEEL the proper movement patterns.

Trust me, the internet is a lot of things, but it can't teach you everything you need to know about kettlebells. 

Here are a few peeks into what we did at the workshop:

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