Kettlebell Sport Update

We are one week away from the Bolt competition at Foundation Strength. Not sure I am ready myself but my KOR athletes are progressing great! Dave & Lauren have been attending my semi-private Kettlebell Sport workshop on Monday & Wednesday nights for the past three weeks, getting individualized programming and coaching in order to prepare for the competition.

A quick video of some 20kg clean practice.

I'm planning to compete in the Bolt meet Girevoy Sport style as practice for the West Coast Kettlebell Classic at Ice Chamber in February.  I'm tempted to try the double jerks, but in the order of the meet they occur before snatch so I'll probably stick to single jerks instead.

Some 16kg double jerk practice... just for kicks!

If you live in the San Diego area and are interested in joining in the fun of competing in Kettlebell Sport, come take a semi-private with me at KOR!

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