Bolt Kettlebell Sport Competition

Yesterday was my first Bolt Kettlebell Sport competition, hosted by Michael LoBue at Foundation Strength. I was blown away by how much fun the event was and how many newcomers to Kettlebell Sport got up on the platform! I especially loved seeing a bunch of kids who are getting into the sport.

The KOR lifters did great! David, Lauren, Andrew, Emily, Alan, Dan, Kristen, Wesley, Loren, Azilee, Ayelet, and Kong all did their best up on the platform and I'm proud of all of them.

Wesley and Dan getting ready for 10 brutal minutes of half snatch.

Andrew, my most consistent kettlebell student, snatching the 16kg.

Kettle-belle cuties Emily & Lauren.

David from Pacific Coast Kettlebells following his 80/20 eating habits and carb-loading with a heavily schmeared bagel!

As for me, I competed with the 24kg in single arm snatch and jerk and took gold in both. Great practice competition for the West Coast Classic at Ice Chamber in February!